So the update status has been there for a million years now, but I am finally getting to it, I promise!! I have new random writings to update, some real old stuff, and just random new ideas. yay! 5-30-09


Welcome to the main page of my site.

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About me~

A site always needs a good about me page. Mine is not good, but it is present. :D


Pictures of me. Random pictures of things. I don't really do pictures.

Favorite Song Lyrics

My favorite songs, their title and lyrics. They change frequently, quite often if I can update.

My Random Writings

I write random things all the time. Although I don't save most of them and almost all of the ones I do save are just random things that I never do anything else with. I do finish some though, but I am going to put them all up.
Yay! it also means this is a new page for me to keep updating.

Story called 'Assassin'

Link pretty much says it all. I wrote it freshman year during math because it was such a boring class. Its not too good, but interesting read none the less.

Click here to see the page with extra things I have found and links

This has things I have found around on the internet and links to sites I recommend checking out. Its still being worked on, though.
Ok so I have worked on it for awhile, but it has turned out to be more of just a links page. It might turn around, though, who knows.

My "pets"

You'll see why pets is in quotations...if you click the link...heh

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