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This is Megatokyo. A online strip that I read. It is updated almost every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I recommend reading it. I love it!


This is Schism. Another online strip that I read. It is suppost to be updated every Monday, but hardly ever is. Yuk, she needs to update it really bad. Ok she never updates it! She has added one page since I first read it, like two years ago. Oh well, I still recommend reading up to where she has it, but I bet you will get attached to it and be pretty upset when you reach the end. :) Yeah, read at your own risk!

The Seraph Inn- Inverloch.com

And another online strip. I also recommend reading this one. I love it too. I haven't really payed much attention to when more is added, I just read more when there is more. You should read it, its really really good.


You can go to a site that you are mad at and bomb it, have a dog poop on it, or flood it. There's a lot of things you can do. Have fun. Oh you don't have to be mad at the site, though. I bombed my mom's site!! Its fun!


This is my mom's site. For those of you who didn't know, she is an artist and her site shows the things she has done. Yeah, you should check it out.

Surprise link
This is a surprise link to the best site ever. Trust me, just click on it!