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About Me

This page is going to be about me. Wow, original, I know. But hey! I felt I needed one. I will always be adding to it, when I discover something new about me, or just forget something that shows up later.

My name is Ce'Nedra Ambrielle Dawn Green.
I am a 5 ft. 9 in. girl that is in the 12th grade, and I am 17-years-old.
My favorite color is a metalic grey and I am the oldest in my family.
I have a total of ten piercings and one tattoo.
I have two brothers. Alaric (11-years-old) and Garrett (10-years-old).
I have blue-grey eyes and originally a light brownish hair, which is about a million different colours at the moment.
I love music. It is the most relaxing thing I can count on. I don't care if its a hard rock screaming music (my favorite to listen to) or instrumentals. (which are actually kind of boring)
I play video games.
I read manga. Mostly action, some romance I guess. -example- background. The whole gang from Saiyuki
I also like to read normal books. Mostly fantasy action. (though I have started to get into a bit of sci-fi. :) )

You can talk to me, or chat, or whatever on yahoo. My name is cruz_away.
You can also email me at cruz_away@yahoo.com
I will reply if you don't have yahoo and want to chat over email.
I am going to be drum major this coming marching season in band and play French horn, Mela phone, and Clarinet. I love band, as it is a huge passion in my life.

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